Press & Presentations

Amadito and Spider  Woman

KVOA- (NBC affiliate) Author interviewed for local news channel, Tucson, AZ, 11-18-03.
KUAT-Amadito and Spider Woman read and reviewed in Spanish for award-winning
multicultural program “Reflexiones”, produced by the southern Arizona Public Television affiliate, Tucson, AZ, 07-11-04.

KSFR- Amadito and Spider Woman read and author interview on Santa Fe, NM, NPR station, May, 2006.
KKOB-Amadito and Spider Woman read and author interview on Albuquerque, NM, station for “Reading Albuquerque”, October 1, 2006.

Tucson Citizen, Tucson, AZ; Feature Article, “Amadito Helps Kids Cope With Bullying”, 12-9-03.

The New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM; Book Review, “Lessons For Kids With Imagination, Colorful Illustrations”, 7-11-04.

Hispania News; Feature Article, “Amadito and Spider Woman”, 5-18-06.

Rio Rancho Journal; Feature Article, “Writer Comforts Kids With Book”, 11-25-06.


November 14, 2003 and November 15, 2003- Participated as vendor for Southern Arizona Play Therapy Association Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ: Amadito and Spider Woman used by Play Therapists in their work with children.

March 5, 2005- The 13th Annual Conference on Literature and Literacy for Children and Adolescents, Tucson, AZ. Presenter- “Using Regional Features to Develop a Message in Writing”

March 11, 2005- Arizona School Counselors Association Annual Conference, Mesa, AZ. Presenter- “Using Children’s Books as a Resource for Advancing Skills in Personal and Social Domains”

February 2, 2006- 31st Southwest International Reading Association Regional Conference, Albuquerque, NM. Presenter with children’s book authors; Judi Moreillon, Monica Brown and Jennifer Ward- “Enchanting Children’s Literature of the Southwest”