The Proud Little Burro


Copyright 2011 by Lisa Bear Goldman and illustrations by Patrice Schooley
Ages 5-12 32 pages Fully Illustrated
ISBN 978-0-9832074-0-5

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2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Finalist- Children’s Picture Book Division


A very young burro- Buddy- is selected for his first pack trip. When Buddy sees that an old and clumsy pack frame is to be strapped on his back, his heart sinks. He is embarrassed. Buddy’s mother gives him advice as he leaves, but he hangs his head as he walks by. The views and scenery on the trip down are wondrous. Buddy marvels at the petroglyphs on the canyon walls, but he continues to feel his job is not an honorable or prestigious one. Buddy forgets his shame when he hears a commotion in front of him and he learns his friend has injured his leg. The wrangler makes his way to Buddy and removes the pack and bundles from his back. Buddy is worried about his friend, but bandages and medicine are found inside the packages he carries, and his friend’s leg is mended.